WWMV-LP Radio Shows

Hosted by: Supa Friends

Show Type: Talk & Hip-Hop

Thursday: 9 pm

Hosted by: Multiple

Show Type: Talk & Latin Music

Sunday - Saturday: 1 - 5pm


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Hosted By: Ms. Sheena

Show Type: Talk & Independent Hip-Hop Music

Length: 1 hr


Wednesday 8pm - 10pm

Friday 8pm - 10pm

Hosted By: Cliff Wilford

Show Type: Talk & Jazz

Length: 1hr

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday: 8pm

Hosted by: Steve Reich

Show Type: Video Game Music

Length: 30min


Monday - Fri: 11am


Hosted By Rob Roberts

Show Type: Talk and Local Music

Thursday: 8am

Saturday:  Noon

WWMV-LP 95.5

55 S. Gammon Rd. Madison ,WI 53717

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