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Youth On Air

"We don't need radio to make community happen, we need radio to highlight the community that's already happening," - Richard Jones, Radio Station Manager.

We empower youth by giving them opportunity to share their voice and by teaching them applicable life skills such as collaboration, interviewing, recording, engineering, etc. Turn your dial to 95.5FM on Fridays 3-5pm to hear Youth On Air. Special thanks to The Foundation for Madison Public Schools and other donors who make it possible.

Partnering Voices

Thanks to the Foundation for Madison Public School's grant of $25,000, Youth on Air is able to allow more students to have their voices heard and to partner with multiple other organizations to further our mission. Youth on Air is proud to partner with...

- Thomas Jefferson Middle School

- James Madison Memorial High School

- John Muir Elementary School

Radio Clubs
The Lussier Sit Down

The Lussier Sit Down is a high school radio show composed and organized by students in the Lussier Community Education Center's after school programs. Students use use themes to talk about their experiences, everyday life and future ambitions. Some of the themes used so far have been relationships, storytelling and poetry.

To hear their pre-recorded shows, click here.

Middleton Youth Show

The Middleton Youth Center hosts free after school and summer programming at the Clarke Street School in Middleton for 5th-8th grade students. This school year Middleton Youth Center started their own radio club focused on creative thinking and community support. 

To hear their pre-recorded shows, click here.

Want to start a radio club at your school or community center? Email us
Youth On Air Programs
Malcolm's Movie Mania

Malcolm's Movie Mania is a short movie TV and news critique show by Malcolm Gibson

Dreaming Better Worlds

We encourage youth to imagine what their ideal world would be. We ask what would they add and what would they take away in attempts to get them thinking about social justice.

Radio Readers​

Led by Programming Team member Mari Hansen, WWMV-LP is connecting with elementary school students through the Radio Readers Club. We encourage reading and writing by giving youth radio as an outlet of expression. 

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