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The Radio Producer Internship is an opportunity to work with youth and adults to help produce audio content for WWMV-LP, 95.5FM, Madison’s newest community radio station. Interns will work directly with young people and volunteers to help them turn their ideas, passions, and imaginations into radio shows. College students interested in audio engineering and/or media-based youth work will have a chance to sharpen their skills, build their resume, and gain valuable experience.​

School Credit
  • UW- Madison: Earn up to 3 Independent Study or Directed Study credits through the Journalism and Communications Departments

  • Edgewood: Earn 3 or 4 Independent Study credits hours through the Communications Department.

  • Assist with planning and running radio workshops at established radio club sites with site facilitators (Middleton, Elver Park Community Center)

  • Connect with middle and high school students to help produce radio content of their interests

  • Record and edit audio material created in workshops

  • Upload material to SoundCloud and maintain the page

  • Meet with Radio Station Manager regularly

  • 10 hours a week per semester; 5 hours a week for summer

  • Roughly 2-3 hours at radio club site, editing material or bonding with participants and volunteers 1-2 hours at LCEC planning/organizing with WWMV-LP community

  • Year-long preferred, semester-long welcomed

  • Available 1 – 2 hours per week from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Desire Knowledge & Abilities
  • Motivated self-starter with the ability to work independently or in a group

  • Experience and comfortability working with youth and volunteers

  • Radio or broadcast experience

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Knowledge of Audacity, and other recording software

  • Patience and flexibility


Contact: Corey Whitmore, Radio Station Manager, 608-833-4979 ext 213; or Lussier Community Education Center 55 S. Gammon St. Madison, WI  53717

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