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Many Voices, One Community Rings True at Launch Party

If you were driving down the bustling Gammon Road Saturday afternoon in Madison, you were able to experience the magic happening at the Lussier Community Education Center.

Richard Jones, our Radio Station Manager, and our awesome planning committee have been prepping lately for “Rockin’ The Radio”, the launch party for WWMV-LP 95.5FM, our new low power radio station on Madison’s west side. The launch party was a huge success and rung very true with our station’s motto “Many Voices, One Community.” As Richard explained, “The launch party wouldn’t have been a success in my mind if it weren’t diverse. I sa

w infants, elderly, rich, poor, and people of all shades and professions.”

As I walked into the Launch Party, I was greeted by friendly faces asking me to come record my own Station ID to be shared on the station. As I continued to walk through the Center, I saw volunteers prepping food for the guests and a gym filled with educational activities for all ages.

Outside the center, where people were gathered, guests really got to experience what the station is all about. There were tables filled with all kinds of people watching unique, Madison-grown bands perform. There was an informational table placed by the stage where our visitors could walk up and learn how to register to vote. Of course, there was the great food as well.