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WWMV-LP 95.5 and The Middleton Youth Center Team Up for Youth on Air

The Madison community is full of enrichment centers for youth, such as the Middleton Youth Center. The Middleton Youth Center is a free after school program for fifth through eighth graders that provides academic assistance, community service and enrichment.

One area central to the Middleton Youth Center experience is art. Students have participated in a range of activities –From curating a Halloween fashion show for charity to engaging in workshops that discuss microagressions. The Middleton Youth Center’s main goal is to work on students emotional, social and learning skills.

This year, Lussier and Middleton Youth Center partnered together for the Youth On Air program of WWMVLP-95.5. Students and staff at the Middleton Youth Center curated the Middleton Youth Center Show, which showcases students creative abilities. Listeners can look forward to hearing playlists from students, interviews and segments on culture, fashion, music and food.

Kat Turner, a staff member at the Middleton Youth Center, explained, “One reason to listen to this how is to hear voices of an amazing generation that inspires me everyday. While being very aware of events happening in the world these students are still filled with joy.”

To support the youth of this program, check out their first show of many here ( *hyperlink this. You can learn how to get involved here (Hyperlink:

Happy Listening!

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