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October Organization of the Month- Literacy Network of Dane County

The Literacy Network of Dane County is WWMV-LP’s organization of the month! This non- profit organization founded in 1974, works with teachers, tutors, volunteers, and donors to improve adult literacy. Over 55,000 adults in Da

ne County struggle with low literacy. The Literacy Network combats this by “teaching reading, writing, communication and computer skills to adults so they can achieve financial security and deeper engagement with their families and communities”, according to their website.

Elliot Valentine, the marketing specialist at Literacy Network, says that is favorite part about working with the organization is collaborating with the other staff members. He says all employees, “respect what we each bring to the table”, which fosters the company’s growth.

In addition to full- time and part- time employees like Valentine, the Literacy Network includes more than 500 volunteer tutors and helps over 1,000 adults every year. All classes are taught free of charge.

The majority of adults that take classes at the Literacy Network have children, says Valentine. This organization even has some English classes specialized to teach parents how to help their children with their homework.

But education isn’t the only thing the Literacy Network focuses on. According to their website, the Literacy Network also works to improve income and health, which they see as the “building blocks of a stable life”. They provide the opportunity for the many voices of Dane County to find a common ground and make measurable changes together.

Valentine says that is it important to know that Dane County is a lot more diverse than most people realize. The literacy Network helps people from over 50 countries with a plethora of different first languages.

Literacy Network becomes a safe place where people from all these various backgrounds can not just strengthen their literacy skills but, “become more engaged in our shared community”, says Valentine.

WWMV-LP hopes that a Literacy Network keeps working to inspire members of our Dane County Community.

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