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Voice of the Month- Carla Williams and Kvon Smith

New shows on the horizon for WWMV-LP!

The WWMV-LP Voice of The Month is dedicated to Carla Williams and Kvon Smith for joining the WWMV-LP announcing team. They are producing two new vibrant shows for our listeners!

Williams has made the transition into broadcasting, after 8 years of being a traditional print journalist. She has designed her show, The View From Here, to be a platform to discuss womanism, which she explains as feminism for black women. The show was inspired by her desire to share both the triumphs and hardships of women everywhere, according to Williams.

“I hope that my involvement with WWMV-LP gets more people talking about women as more than mothers or wives or sexual beings because women are so much more than that”, said Williams.

Williams hopes that The View From Here reaches women to validate their strength and inspire them to conquer their goals. She wants people to trust black women and all women to make the best choice for themselves regarding their bodies, minds, education, and everything else. Women are strong and independent, according to Williams.

Smith discovered his passion for music in high school. He began helping his friends by producing and engineering their music, but it wasn’t until the beginning of this year that he began creating his own music, according to Smith. He started announcing after being connected with the radio through Rayshawn Nash, a lead teacher in Lussier Center.

“Though I didn't have a lot of experience being on the radio, I felt my long love for music would help to make radio announcement something that came natural to me”, said Smith.

Smith was introduced to the vibrant music genre of Reggaeton after living in Puerto Rico for two years. Reggaeton is a type of music influenced by Hip Hop, Latin American and Caribbean music. Smith’s new show will showcase both Reggaeton and Hip Hop.

“My radio show is about bringing Reggaeton and Hip-Hop music together to show the similarities and strengths of both cultures and blend it all together”, said Smith.

In addition to radio announcing, Smith has created a single of his own called “Renaissance Man”, which has been playing on the radio in many different countries. Smith even recorded a video project for his single that was shot in a local Madison club.

Both Williams and Smith are doing great things within the WWMV-LP family and within the Madison community as a whole. Check out all the hard work they’ve put into their shows by listening to 95.5!

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