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Voice of the Month- Carla Williams and Kvon Smith

New shows on the horizon for WWMV-LP!

The WWMV-LP Voice of The Month is dedicated to Carla Williams and Kvon Smith for joining the WWMV-LP announcing team. They are producing two new vibrant shows for our listeners!

Williams has made the transition into broadcasting, after 8 years of being a traditional print journalist. She has designed her show, The View From Here, to be a platform to discuss womanism, which she explains as feminism for black women. The show was inspired by her desire to share both the triumphs and hardships of women everywhere, according to Williams.

“I hope that my involvement with WWMV-LP gets more people talking about women as more than mothers or wives or sexual beings because women are so much more than that”, said Williams.

Williams hopes that The View From Here reaches women to validate